I love light. I am constantly assessing its ability to transform objects into something else. A simple piece of fabric, or the human body, can become a landscape (or mindscape if you will) if you allow your imagination to perceive it as such.

A history of eye disease in my family has instilled in me a compulsion to record images. Perhaps if I pay enough attention to light, texture and color, I can create a library of images in my brain that will be accessible, should I ever lose my sight.

I would much rather communicate visually than verbally. Having an idea, and communicating that idea through visual media is challenging, but exhilarating when successfully finished.

Currently, I am very interested in working with salt prints and other alternative photographic processes. It is invigorating to get back into a darkroom and work with the wet print process again. I have rediscovered what made me fall in love with photography in the first place.